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I Am Unable to verify the printer on your network. How To Fix It?


Are you unable to execute printing jobs using your network printer? Well, this problem usually occurs when you are unable to verify the printer on your network. If you are also having the same issue with your device, this post can help you. Here, we are sharing some simple troubleshooting steps that will let you easily fix the problem. So let's proceed with the simple instructions to fix the concern.  

 Unable to verify the printer on your network? Here is what you  need to do: 

  Many times, when the user sends a print job to their printer, no output comes. The reason is the printer is not verified over the network. Fortunately, with some easy fixing steps. You can easily tackle the problem.  

 Follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on your printer. Make sure it is properly connected to the electric outlet and in the "Ready" state. Also, make sure that you properly connect the ethernet cable to your printer.
  2. Once you have connected the cable, check for the " NIC" lights.  The lights must be turned on and show "Communication".
  3. Not every network printer model comes with NIC lights, so if your printer does not support it, you can proceed with this step 8.
  4. Check the "Amber" light. It must be turned on and remain "Solid".
  5. Check the" bottom green" light.  The light mast flashes " On and Off".
  6. If the NIC light is displaying right, you can continue with step 8. But, if it does not, you need to use the ethernet cable.
  7. If the ethernet cable is also not helping you to troubleshoot the issue, check the network connection. Your network must be active and working fine.
  8. Detach the ethernet cable from your PC, after that, you need to insert it in the internet port of your printer.
  9. Later,  verify " NIC" lights. The lights must be displayed correctly.
  10. If the NIC life is showing fine, your printer and the connected ethernet cable is in "Ready" mode, take out the "Settings" page print out for an IP address verification.
  11. You can try to set up the printer IP address to "Static". For this, check the printer user manual.

Note: You must check the device you are using to take the print outs. The device must be working fine and connected to the network, if it is not connected, you cannot print the document over the network. To make sure that your device is working, you can print a test page and check the device functioning. If everything is alright, your device must print documents.   That's all! With these simple steps, you can troubleshoot the "unable to verify the printer on your network" problem on your computer. However, if these guidelines are not helping you to fix the concern, get in touch with the printer help team for professional support.  The experts can suggest the best possible solution to this problem, and make sure that you have a reliable printing experience over the network.

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