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Canon TR4522 Setup

Know About Canon TR4522 Setup

The Canon TR4522 is one of the ultimate printers having the ability to print, scan, copy and print. It has some exceptional capabilities that make this printer suitable for home and small office use. Some of the best features of Canon TR4522 are wireless connectivity, AirPrint, IFTTT support, and USB connectivity technology.

To enjoy the functionality of Canon TR4522, the primary processes that you need to perform are unboxing and Canon TR4522 setup. After completing the setup procedure, you can access all the functionality including scanning, copying, and faxing. Scroll down to know the way for setting up your Canon printer efficiently.

Simple Steps for Canon TR4522 Setup

The steps for the Canon TR4522 demonstrated the way to connect the Canon printer to the WiFi network through WiFi Protected Setup (WPS). This method allows printing from a computer or laptop placed in the same network area without connecting the printer to the computer physically. All the Canon printers do not offer wireless functionality. Therefore, it is essential for the user to ensure that their printer is connecting to a high-speed internet connection.

  1. Go through the below instructions step by step for Canon TR4522 Setup:

  2. Firstly, unbox your printer and remove all the packing materials and tapes all-around your printer.

  3. To remove the package, you can also follow the setup instructions of Canon TR4522.

  4. In the next step, plugin the printer into the power outlet. Turn on your printer.

  5. After that, install the print cartridges and prepare your printer for the startup procedure.

  6. Make sure that your router and printer support WPS push button mode. To find this, you can see their manuals.

  7. Your WiFi-enabled router should have a physical WPS push button.

  8. Use WPA or WPA2 security for your network. There are several WPS wireless routers that do not have the option to connect with the WPS method.

  9. If you are using the default settings of the manufacturer for the name of the network without any security then you will not connect with most of the WPS wireless routers by using the WPS method.

  10. Press the WPS push button present on your printer to connect the wireless printer to the wireless router through WPS.

  11. Find the printer’s manual to know the way to start WPS on your Canon printer.

Once you are done with the Canon TR4522 Setup, you can enjoy high-quality printing with your Canon TR4522 printer.

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