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How to install the Epson l360 printer without CD?

Most people have no idea How to install Epson l360 printer without CD on their computer. Fortunately, you can do this following a simple guideline. In this post, we are going to share the step by step instructions that can help you to complete the Epson printer setup without a CD for your device. So, read on and follow the simple steps mentioned to complete the process.

Epson I360 is the perfect combination of innovative features and upgrading technology. The printer comes in a simple and sleek design with easy to use functions to make the use of printing experience better than before. In order to install the apps in the printer on your device, you need to follow some simple steps. Here are the step by step instructions to complete the process:

How to install the Epson l360 printer without CD? Guidelines To Follow

  • The first thing you need to do is to visit the Epson printer official website.

  • Make sure that you know down the printer model number and follow the on-screen instructions to proceed further.

  • When asked whether you want Macintosh and Windows drivers on your device, select the 'Pertinent' option.

  • Visit the Download folder on your computer and move the file you have downloaded to the printer folder.

  • Once you run the installation file, the setup prompt will take you to the next step.

  • Go to the ‘Control Panel and there you can find the printer. If it is not present there initially, you can drag and drop it to the correct location if required.

Configure the Printer to Network

  • Collect your network information like the network name and password.

  • The preferred network name is 'SSID' and the password is 'Encryption or Network keys'.

  • You can find these details on your router.

  • Get the USB cable to begin the installation process.

  • You need to turn on the PC and open the 'Printer Network Driver'.

  • Choose the 'Configuration' option and then you have to click on the 'Epson Peer-To-Peer Network’.

  • After this, connect the 'USB Cable' to your Epson printing device and computer.

  • In the next step, you have to change the Firewall settings and make the modifications in your Antivirus software.

  • Provide access to a printer to the network and select the 'WiFi' setup.

  • Make sure that your device is working fine over the network other than the 'USB Hard Drive'.

  • Follow the prompt for the setup and unplug the ‘USB’ cable.

  • Take a printout to make sure that everything is working fine.

So, this is How to install Epson l360 printer without CD on your device. The steps are simple and easy to follow. However, if you still have a doubt or there is any other query regarding the printer setup or usage, we recommend you contact the experts and seek their advice to complete the task. The experts will always give you the best advice and make sure that you have the best advice to complete the task,

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